Young film critics had the chance to enjoy the red carpet experience at the Northern Ireland preview of Sing- the Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures animated musical comedy about finding the star that lives inside all of us. Find out what they had to say!

Let me just start off by saying that this film was so creative, nothing like I have ever seen before.  I liked the way that the koala Mr Moon just knew what he wanted to be and what he wanted to do when he grew up.  Whenever it said $100,000 on the flyer/poster I was laughing my head off because what would you like more 1k or 100,000k?!When they started having the auditions I seriously thought that someone was going to be a magician or something and they are confused at what competition they are at, but that didn’t happen.I think that this movie was fantastic because of its characters and its storyline and also the sound and settings were amazing. I thought that Mr Moon would have picked more people/animals for the competition but actually now that I think about it I wouldn’t have it any other way! My favourite part was when Miss Crawley was teaching piano and she said, “Yes that was very bad”, that was so funny. My favourite character obviously was Miss Crawley.  Overall I would give this movie 8.5 out of 10 and would recommend it for children aged 6-13 years of age.  I really hope that they come out with a Sing 2.

Holly McLaughlin

I really enjoyed Sing because it was very entertaining and the story board was very well thought out. My favourite character was Rosita because she was kind, patient and was an excellent singer. My least favourite character was Johnny’s Dad because he was a criminal and he forced his son to do what he wanted him to do. I also thought the funniest character was Gunter because he had a funny and silly personality. I think that the story was excellent because it was easy for younger kids to understand and it was funny. I think the characters fit in well with the story, they all have different personalities and they all have their own features. The camera shots were very detailed. The voices and sounds fitted in perfectly with the characters and story. I think the special effects and animation were very detailed and were excellent to watch. My favourite part of the movie was when the squids are in the water tank at the theatre and Nana Noodleman is watching. This is my favourite part because the colours and details are amazing. I would rate this movie a U because it is easy for younger kids to understand and it is a movie that all ages can enjoy. I would give the movie 5 out of 5 stars as I enjoyed it very much and I think it is my new favourite movie.

Sophie Murray-Kavanagh

“My favourite character was the koala. I also liked the mouse because he got really angry at the start – he took a person’s money just because he gave him a penny (he was playing a saxophone on the street with a bag because he didn’t have a house). The koala started a singing competition to make a big hit because all his other shows failed. The porcupine’s song was my favourite because it was really fast and cool – and it was the only song they made up. My favourite bit in the film was when the Moon Theatre re-opened. It was a happy ending. I would recommend it to my friends.”

Dara Brennan

To start off with I would like to say that it inspired me to be a singer especially when Jonny (a character in the movie) sung “All of me”. I would say it is a comedy and I thought in some parts it was sad. I thought that love was something that was seen throughout the movie “Sing”. This is a movie I would like to see again and again. It was great. In my opinion I would give it nine out of ten. I really want to give a ten, but it was a bit sad.  For a really happy looking movie, it took me away. If I was to be a character in this movie I would be Jonny because if you imagine you were Jonny you would have to choose what to do. Whether you want to join the family business or keep a secret from your Dad that you are doing something you really but he doesn’t want you to.
Another character that is confused and sad in this movie is Ash. After being in a band with her boyfriend, she is never around because she is really happy to be in a concert. But when she’s not around her boyfriend does not seem to like that so he breaks up with her. Not only does it make him sad but Ash as well. Being left by yourself with no support isn’t something that you would want because you are scared and about what would happen in the future. That’s it for the characters. If I were to choose my favourite songs from this whole movie they would be “All of Me” and “Call me Maybe” but all of the songs I really enjoyed listening to.
In my opinion this is a sensational hit and every child that is happy and loves to sing deserves to see it.That is my report for Universal Pictures.

Stuart Knox

I gave Sing five [out of five stars] on everything – story, characters, animation, everything! It was one of my favourites ever and I want to see it again. I don’t know if you would call this movie a fantasy or a comedy; mostly it was a musical.I thought that the way Sing! was drawn was really good; it looked so real. I was terrified when the theatre fell down! There wasn’t a character I didn’t like. The story made me care about all of them. I loved the baby pigs but my favourite character was definitely Johnny. I loved the music so so so much, especially Ash’s song. Most of the songs were old but I didn’t know them all before. I was worn out with happiness when I left the cinema!

Madeleine Jameson

I loved it!! The show was great – I really enjoyed the music.  I went to see the show with my mum, dad and best friend Emily.    We all really enjoyed it.
The story is about a koala bear, Buster Moon, who needs to have a hit show to save his theatre – he has an idea to have a singing competition at the theatre.  He puts together a flyer about the competition but his secretary accidentally types in the wrong amount 100,000 – and the flyers blow out the window.     Lots of people turn up for the auditions, and Buster chooses Rosita (Pig), Jonny (Gorilla) Ash (porcupine – and my favourite character), Meena (Elephant – thought she was the best singer) and Mike (tiny mouse) to be in the show.The story then is about them rehearsing for the show, there are lots of funny scenes but there is still lots of action and drama too.    It was great as we all knew the songs and were singing along and then at the end of the show we were all dancing at the front of the cinema.   I really loved the confetti explosions in the actual cinema when confetti blew out everywhere.Overall, I thought that Sing was an extremely fun and I really enjoyed music, songs and the characters  and will tell me friends to go and see it – I will go along too. 

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