World Cinema on The Cinemagic Player this Summer!

Seen all the movies on Netflix? Have the children seen everything they want to on Disney+? Well this July and August dive into a new platform which will offer a wealth of international cinema for children, teenagers and young adults to enjoy.

Eighteen feature films are available which focus on stories of youth portrayed in a range of genres, from live-action dramas to animations that are heart-warming, thought-provoking and inspiring. Log onto where films can be rented and new titles released fortnightly from Friday 16 July. 

Highlights include Kiwi & Strit where you can follow a series of hilarious adventures as the pair find themselves in trouble over and over again; bold and exciting youth drama The Club of Ugly Children features slick production design and gutsy performances; and celebrating sisterhood plus finding your inner strength, Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers is a magically sweet film the whole family can enjoy.

The Cinemagic Festival Player is part of the feast of virtual film opportunities for young audiences in NI and ROU to enjoy this summer. Other highlights of the virtual programme are the Career Crafts Q&A sessions featuring a host of Irish films and media talent, Film Juries, Creativity Corner Tutorials, the Young Consultants workshops, Film Boot Camp, and the Cinemagic Young Filmmaker Competition.

The full programme can be viewed HERE

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