Online Festival Juries

 Inspiring the Next Generation of Cinema Audiences! All young people participating in the jury will watch a selection of films before choosing their favourite. The films will be screened in their original language with English subtitles where necessary.

Age Categories:

Online Jury 8+ (Ages 8-11)

Online Jury 12+ (Ages 12-14)

Online Jury 15+ (Ages 15-17)

Online Jury 18+ (Ages 18-25)

Online Jury Documentary (Ages 15-25)

Online Animation Documentary (Ages 15-25)



The films will be available to view each week throughout October 2020.We will also be scheduling a Zoom discussion for jury members as per age group to talk, review and debate the films. For jury members under 18 we will need permission from a parent/guardian to take part in the review sessions.



£10.00 per jury member.



50 young people will be selected as jurors in each category. Jury participation is based on a first come first served basis.


How does it work?

Please email to register. You will be sent an event description with further details as well as an application form that must be returned to us signed by the applicant (if over 18); or by the parent/guardian of an applicant (under 18). After registering and the online payment is received,  you will be emailed the Jury Film Review Pack and instructions on how access the films online. After all the films have been watched and reviewed you will be asked to email us the name of your favourite film. We will annouce all the winning films the week commencing Monday 9th November.


*Please note: All email correspondance for anyone under 18 must be made by the parent/guardian of the participant.


To Register: Please email

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