Fiddlesticks-Family Feature Film


The CineSeekers Film Club is going online for the summer with QFT Player! Cinemagic’s ‘CineSeekers Film Club’ is a monthly film event for young people.

Programmed by Cinemagic and based in QFT, the club’s ethos is to promote and celebrate a diverse and varied range of international children’s films.

By providing our young audience with a regular outlet for world cinema, our aim is to develop and nurture a broader appreciation, understanding and love of film; as well as celebrating the stories, peoples and cultures from around the globe.

FIDDLESTICKS – Fiddlesticks takes place in a small, ordinary town somewhere in Europe, a place that is so mediocre that it has become the stronghold for all kinds of market research! The consequence of this is that all the town’s old folk are being sent away in order to keep down the average age of the inhabitants. However, the town’s children don’t want to be used as guinea pigs anymore and decide to take action to save their grandparents. In German with English Subtitles. AVAILABLE FROM 5TH-7TH JUNE QFT PLAYER


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