Ever wanted to be on a Film Festival Jury, be the first to see new films and decide on the winners?

Cinemagic are inviting young movie fans to do just that!


Cinemagic aims to inspire the next generation of cinema audiences and filmmakers in Ireland with annual Dublin and Belfast based festivals. Young audiences can get involved in many ways, including being part of a film jury who will have the opportunity to watch new films from around the world and participate in film reviewing with like-minded people.

Applications are now open to be part of one of three Cinemagic film juries for different age groups, by emailing juries@cinemagic.ie or calling Cinemagic on +44 28 90 311900.

The 8+ CineSeekers jury is on 1st and 2nd  June (2 day event)  and the 12+ and 15+ CineFocus jury is on 8th and 9th June (2 day event), all taking place in Odeon Cinemas, Point Square, Dublin.

8+ Jury Films: The fast paced, adventure packed titles for 8+ Jury members include Dino King: Journey To Fire Mountain, an action-packed family adventure that combines the realism of ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ with the heart of ‘Finding Nemo’; Alone In Space, a high concept, family sci-fi, bolstered by sharp production design and visual effects; the magical Ötzi And The Mystery Of TimeBelle And Sebastian, Friends For Life, the story of a loving grandfather and grandson set out on a quest to save their dog, set high in the French Alps and Captain Morten And The Spider Queen where viewers will follow Morten on his shrunken adventure!

12+ and 15+ Jury Films: Cinemagic will present a feast of films for 12+ and 15+ Jury members focusing on themes of love, justice, friendship and family. A Colony, a film that sees young teenagers in search for a place where they can be themselves; Dilili In Paris, the latest offering from movie maestro, Michel Ocelot with an evocative animation that see a young girls fight for justice; The Runaways, an atmospheric and uplifting celebration of childhood and family; My Extraordinary Summer With Tess, a young boy learns the importance of family and friends during his adventures with his new friend, Tess; Fight Girl which explores real life issues around family and an acrimonious divorce; Funan, a thrilling story of love, loss and enduring hope in the most trying of times; the irresistible comedy AmateursThe War Game, a thought-provoking and tense youth drama and Bruce Lee And The Outlaw, a modern-day Oliver Twist story set under the streets of Bucharest.  

The participation fee is 10 Euro per person.

Cinemagic is an award- winning charity festival that embraces the magic of film, television and digital technologies to educate, motivate and inspire young people which is funded by the Department of Education and Skills.


For more see www.cinemagic.ie   

Twitter: @Cinemagic

Facebook: CinemagicFestival

Instagram: cinemagic_filmfestival


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