Young filmmakers from Northern Ireland, Ireland and across the UK were celebrated and highly commended at the Cinemagic Young Filmmaker competition showcase for under 15 year olds, 15-17 year olds and 18-25 year olds at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, recently, as part of the Cinemagic International Film and Television Festival for Young People.

Over 40 shortlisted films in different categories screened at the showcase that celebrated young filmmaking talent.

The winning film in the under 15 year olds category was Prevailing Lies by Henry Worsley, (12) (West Sussex)

The winning film in the 15-17 year olds category was Afterlife by Florence Winter Hill, (17) (Essex)

The winning film in the 18-25 year olds category was Command-Option-Dump by Jonathan Flint, (25) (New Malden)

The winning film in the ‘Best Community Film’ category was The Princess and the Bodyguard by Beacon Hill Arts (Reading)

Cinemagic is dedicated to supporting and celebrating young talent by showcasing films made by young people, bringing those filmmakers together and giving them opportunities to view new films made by their peers.

Chris Shaw, Cinemagic Festival Programmer said “The Cinemagic Young Filmmaker Competition offers young people the chance to have their film screened at the festival. Whether you are a first-time filmmaker or developing your skills in filmmaking, the competition offers a great platform to showcase young talent and it gives an opportunity to enjoy the work of other young filmmakers.”

The full list of shortlisted films for the under 15s category is as follows:

By Samuel Barnes, Age 14 (Portsmouth)

The main character (unnamed) decides to make a short film. He starts by selecting the genre and then moves onto forming the plot. After struggling for ideas he searches the internet for inspiration and comes across a plot generator!

A Word with a Mammoth
By Toby Little, Age 7 (Sheffield)

Join Magnus as he tells you all about the world of Mammoths.

By Kaviyan Salak, Age 13 (Ashburton)

A short educational and informative documentary exploring Dandelions.

Landmarks of Home
By Eoin McCarry, Age 13 (Belfast)

This film was made for Arts Care and Belfast Trust to tell the story of an art piece made by patients and staff in Musgrave Park Hospital.

The Magic Doll
By Sofia Fox, Age 10 (Dublin)

Two girls travel to see their grandparents. Their grandmother takes them to the beach where they find a key. Once back at the house, they receive a gift (a doll) and discover a magical secret garden.

Sonnet #1
By Rob Sidey, Age 14 & William Steele, Age 14 (West Wickham)

With the intention of combining poetry and film, Sonnet #1 consists of a single tracking shot, an ambient yet prominent soundtrack and a graceful narration. The simplicity and individuality of the film is utilised in the hope that it will greatly inspired the audience; something of which poetry and film do so well.

Dough the Movie
By Abigail Pickersgill, Age 14 (Chesire)

Dough is having her 13th birthday party when something goes wrong! She ends up in hospital with no recollection of what happened.

By Evy Kane, Age 12 (Ballynahinch)

During the research for a school project a 12 year old girl has an unsettling experience. Fearing she is losing her mind she investigates a line of enquiry which unearths ghosts of the past. A thriller which will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Professor
By Viktor Ohlund Lidgren, Age 11 (Dublin)

The movie is about a Professor who tries to get an apple down from a tree. In the end he proves that he is a true scientist.

Mitchell Goldfield
By Emmie Thompson, Age 14 & Lilly Thompson, Age 13 (Sunderland)

Mitchell Goldfield, a simple being with simple goals is tested by a string of unfortunate events, although Mitchell’s life was never too satisfying anyway.

By Nia McVicker, Age 14 (Belfast)

A young boy playing a game of soldiers in his back garden tries to imagine what it would be like to be in the army in real life.

A Day in the Life of Cara and Josh
By Cara Skilling, Age 12 & Josh Donnelly, Age 12 (Donaghadee & Millisle)

A short story about Cara and Josh who both live with Type 1 Diabetes. It has educational parts with a bit of comedy to liven it up!!!

Prevailing Lies
By Henry Worsley, Age 12 (West Sussex)

Isabel fells strangely alien to this world. It’s only when she finds the book and the nightmares begin; that she realises the huge difficulty in surviving this world….….and the next.

The full list of shortlisted films for the 15-17s  category is as follows:

A Puella et Pup
By Tabitha Smyth, Age 16 (Belfast)

When a girl discovers her old shoebox full of memories and photographs, she goes back to her favourite moment of her childhood. A short film about a girl and the special bond she has with her pup.

By Chris Bailey, Age 17 & Dominic Berry, Age 17 (Silchester)

When the relationship between a war-torn couple breaks down, their game of chess starts to affect an escape during the First World War.

By Lia Campbell, Age 17 (Newtownards)

Ethereal, free-spirited Willow has always found comfort and meaning in her own life through colour. This film artistically explores emotion through colour and focuses on Willow’s struggle with her own emotions.

By Hannah Gautrey, Age 17 (Cambridge)

An old homeless man and his companion come across a strange briefcase in their alleyway.

The Bait
By Michael McCready, Age 16 (Ballymena)

She knows who or what has killed her friend but what can she do too avenge him, become the bait.

Trev “Toes” Lumley
By Tom Taylor, Age 15 (Devon)

Tom Taylor talks to Trevor “Trev Toes” Lumley, founder of North Devon surf forecasting website
Eyeball HQ. Trev talks about what surfing means to him and how Eyeball Surfcheck came into being
in this accomplished documentary.

It Ain’t No Happily Ever After
By SOS BUS Student Education & Empowerment Programme, Ages 14-16 (Belfast)

An Alcohol Awareness film highlighting the realities of excessive drinking for young people.

The Wooden House
By Hannah Gautrey, Age 17 (Cambridge)

A short documentary on Westley West, a sculptor and model maker based in Cambridge.

Painter’s Brush
By Jake Douglas, Age 17 (Crossgar)

An exploration of light and colour within the context of a painter’s passion for his art.

By Matthew McGuigan, Age 17 (Belfast)

Eugene Hart is brought out in a field and brutally executed. His nephew, Alan, enlists the help of a local bounty hunter to find the man who killed his uncle.

Everyone Else Likes It But Do You!
By SOS BUS Student Education & Empowerment Programme, Ages 14-16 (Belfast)

An Alcohol Awareness film highlighting the short & long term effects alcohol has on young people in relation to social media.

By Florence Winter Hill, Age 17 (Essex)

Afterlife is a black comedy set in a world between the living and the dead. After Martin Stevens is killed in a car accident, he finds himself in a waiting room pending judgement.

Take Note; This is a Must

By Stefan Renas Gutierrezz Yildirim, Age 17 (London)

An experimental & poetic story of love and loss.


The full list of shortlisted films for the 18-25s category is as follows:

Autumn Veil
By Erin Gaskell, Age 18; Emilio Methven, Age 16; Ruth Postlethwaite, Age 17;
& Leah Tomkinson, Age: 16 (Cumbria)

Autumn Veil is a coming of age story about a troubled teenager whose chance encounter with a kind stranger marks a turning point in the boy’s life.

By Sam Okell (Manchester)

After closing the case that has dominated his life, D.I. Archer can finally rest up and piece together his marriage. Or can he?

Billy & Graham
By Danny Mills, Age 22 (Belfast)

Billy & Graham is about two football supporters with a unique story. Whilst following their beloved Crusaders FC around the country, Billy provides commentary of the games for his son Graham, who has been blind since birth.

French Cricket
By William Pope, Age 18 (Lincolnshire)

The solidarity of an unstable, fatherless family is called into question when they find themselves in the midst of a greater enemy.

By Honey Yeo, Age 22 (London)

Gin, a 20 year old British Korean girl struggles with her culture and identity living in London.

A Film by Beth Shannon
By Beth Shannon, Age 18 (Ballyclare)

This documentary tells the story of the filmmaker’s great grandfather and how a case of mistaken identity left a family devastated.

Hotel Echo Lima Papa
By George Hewer, Age 23 (West Sussex)

An elite Special Forces unit is tasked with investigating an office building following reports of maniacal violence breaking out in the workplace.

By Jean-Benoit Malzac, Age 25 (London)

Nomad is a modern tale that takes you on-board the London canal. Discover the lifestyle of those who choose to belong to this floating community.

The Mountain
By Connor Brennan, Age 21 (Belfast)

The story follows young Kieran as he tries to work out what is real from his grandfather’s tales as he will need the information to save his life.

The Passing of Now
By Bailey Langford

An old man sits in his kitchen and narrates his thoughts on life, death and aging. As the narration continues we see him leaving the house to begin walking up the South Downs. Once he reaches the top we realise he is there to scatter the ashes of his wife.

The Dawn
By Tom van den Broek, Age 25 (Surrey)

Cathy is running from London to the south coast of England. Considering suicide, she is interrupted by two religious men, whom show her a better way of coping.

By Daragh Goan, Age 18 (Dublin)

A young man contemplates his life and the affects drugs have had on it during the aftermath of a party at his house.

By Oliver Walton, Age 22 (London)

A Fresh Perspective.

By Jordan McGibney, Age 21 (Nottingham)

A bullied teenage boy journeys into the night wanting to avenge his brother’s death, only to find himself locked in a moral dilemma that will change his life forever.

By Jonathan Flint, Age 25 (New Malden)

An elaborate plot to break up with his girlfriend has dire consequences for Mark.

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