We've produced 2 feature films and over 100 short films

In recent years Cinemagic has produced and secured global distribution for two feature films- A Christmas Star and Grace and Goliath; developed two 'behind the scene' documentaries, produced over 100 short films; and supported hundreds of young trainees to work in the film and television industry.


Grace and Goliath DVD
£10.99 (+ £3.99 Shipping)

Grace and Goliath will scoop you up in its mighty arms and carry you on an emotional but hugely enjoyable roller coaster! A Hollywood big shot, (and he knows it!) Josh Jenkins sweeps into Belfast to make a movie, but before long his world crashes and he loses everything. Lily (a hotel cleaner) invites him to stay with her family and gradually the people of this 'strange' city touch his heart, forever. A powerful story of how one man's GOLIATH ego is brought down by one single blow...of GRACE!

Dir: Tony Mitchell - UK - 2018 - 90 mins - Cert: PG - in English