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In this powerful and thought-provoking documentary, Nicu, a young homeless boy, is adopted by Bruce Lee, the notorious “King of the Underworld” and goes to live with him in the tunnels underneath the city. As Nicu grows up, he starts to realise that perhaps the King of the Underworld is not the perfect father figure, and he has to make a choice between staying in Bruce’s gang, or living a normal life above ground. Filmed over six years, Bruce Lee and the Outlaw is a modern-day Oliver Twist story set under the streets of Bucharest.

Contains strong language and real life images of drug use.

Dir: Joost Vandebrug; UK & Netherlands; 2018; 85 mins; Age: 16+; in Romanian with English subtitles

Ticket Information

  • Ticket price: €5.85

When & Where

  • From:Jun 9, 2019,3:00 AM
  • To:Jun 9, 2019,4:30 PM
  • Location:
    ODEON Point Square

    East Wall Road, North Dock, Dublin 1, dublin.

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