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Age: 15+

£6.00 / £5.00

This gripping story opens with the steps that genius computer programmer David takes to isolate himself from other people, while building a super-computer off grid. Knowing that the algorithm he is writing has the potential to be dangerous, David takes measures to contain the threat, isolating the AI in a local network and building in a kill switch. He works day and night to try to write a safe version of the programme which can be released into the world but as the days pass, he becomes more tired, while the programme he has created, grows in knowledge and logic, threatening to outpace its creator.

Dir: Ryan Braund – UK – 2021 – 100 mins – Age: 15+ – In English

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When & Where

  • From:Oct 10, 2021,12:45 PM
  • To:Oct 10, 2021,02:25 PM
  • Location:
    Queen’s Film Theatre

    20 University Square, BT7 1PA, belfast.

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